I lead the design of the HMRC Design System. Answering a brief set by the Chief Digital Information Officer & Director of Digital Delivery to make digital services that HMRC delivers more consistent with each other, and the services of other Government departments.

Working as part of a small team within HMRC consisting of a Content Designer, 2 Frontend Developers and a Delivery Lead. I planned and carried out a discovery into Design Systems inside and outside of government.

Design system Landscape analysis

During discovery, I identified that the Government Digital Service was starting a similar project. I recognised many opportunities to collaborate with GDS on research and design activities, building a collaborative relationship with the Design System team at GDS.

After discovery, I defined how an HMRC Design System would interface with other assets used by designers at HMRC.

Design system concept model

I conducted an audit of digital services at HMRC to understand how many differing design patterns were being used by services. These patterns were prioritesed and added to a backlog.

Design system backlog

I set up and curated a working group within HMRC to manage and work through the backlog of patterns and developed a process/system by which new patterns could be developed.

HMRC pattern development process

The need for an HMRC Design System will decline as the GOV.UK Design System becomes more mature.

As of December 2017 this project is still ongoing.

There is a GitHub repo contaning issues for each pattern, a backlog of these issues and a site for the Design System.