I lead the design of Virgin Moneys new mobile site. Putting in place a design system that could be developed as the site matured.

Initially I along with a team of three other designers conducted a competitor analysis of other mobile banking websites. This was most helpful in educating our stakeholders in design for mobile.


Initially, we conducted a content audit of the site to understand what content was needed on mobile. Virgin Money had not done a content audit of this kind before, and it was clear that nobody had an understanding of how much content was on the website. As well as cataloguing the content in the normal way in a spreadsheet we post it noted the content on a wall to emphasise the quantity of the content.

Through this process, we removed some redundant content from the desktop site in the process.


During the project, the team worked with individual business areas. Inviting them to our regular Friday usability testing sessions. Through this process, we had some successes making changes to products making them easier for customers understand and buy. In the instance of Travel insurance, this resulted in mobile sales outstripping desktop sales in the first month the mobile site was live.


As with many of the projects I've worked on over the last four years. This project was as much about educating and managing stakeholders as it was about design.

The resulting design set the standard for digital design at Virgin Money and gave the digital design team a base from which they could develop the mobile site further.

The desktop site was soon phased out, and the mobile site became a new responsive site for Virgin Money.