I initially lead the early concepting in order to drive requirements, working directly with the senior management team. I then took the concepts right through to delivery of the shop working with the implementation team. I planed and conducted several rounds of usability testing and then used the insight gather from these tests to design solutions to the problems.


One of Pottermore's biggest worries was that people would not be able to get from checkout to reading an eBook, and this would lead to a high volume of support requests. Due to the findings of the usability testing we were able to make changes to the design of the site before it was launched to counter these problems.
This results in a much lower number of support requests than was planned for when the site did go live.



The site was an overwhelming success, with one million sales in the first three days. It was shortlisted for retail website of the year 2012, with the launch being described as the publishing industries Beatles moment. There were many fewer support requests than anticipated.