Working as part of an agile team working slightly ahead of the development team. I redesigned two of the major areas of the site. The unit calculator - the most popular page on the site and the main traffic source - and MyDrinkaware, a tool for tracking and managing your drinking. I did this in close collaboration with the client often presenting ideas in the morning and refining them during the rest of the day. It was important that they client was fully engaged in the process as they wet the main subject matter expert.

We used these two tools to drive registration to the site by letting people experience the tool before they were required to register. Using gradual engagement and playing on loss aversion we aimed to increase meaningful registrants.


It quickly became clear that using the unit calculator to drive registration was going to be a hard task. Users rarely came to the site with the aim of tracking their drinking. Their main task was to calculate units. Refocussing and blending these tools together is an ongoing focus for the project.

The project team on the client side especially senior stakeholders and trustees felt that MyDrinkaware worked well the way it was. It quickly became apparent that any changes to the tool would have to be incremental.


Having combined two sites in to one cohesive experience that is responsive we are now working with Drinkaware to streamline areas of the site that are not performing as we would like. We will soon be implementing a Beta area of the site to test new ideas. We will also be monitoring and enhancing the way in which we benchmark the site. This project has been one of the monist progressive I have worked on in recent times. In terms of delivery, we were able to launch a site when we suspected that there would be problems and use analytics and usability testing to tweak the site once it was live.