Gavin Wye

Independent User Experience consultant

Your place in the pecking order

27 November 2008

There is a natural pecking order in life some people are at the top some people are at the bottom and some people are in the middle. All these people are important, they are all part of the chain.

One of the most valuable things you can identify is where in the chain you actually are not where you think you are. You need to be honest when you are identifying where you are. It’s all about how people perceive you. When you know how people perceive you, you can work on that perception and enhance it just don’t do it to quickly or you will be taking your audience to a place they aren’t ready to go yet.

Look at scribefire (the firefox plugin that im writing this post with) In my opinion they have got this wrong. They think that they are bigger than they are. Scribefire is the only firefox plugin that takes me to its home page and tells me about all of the new features in the latest release.

So where did they get this idea from? Well whenever you update firefox you get pointed at the firefox release notes.

So whats the diffrence? Firefox is bigger than scribefire MUCH bigger in every way. I probably spend 70% of my time at a computer with firefox open so I’m interested in what’s new. But scribefire I probably spend 3% of my time using scribefire.

So what I’m saying is that scribefire have got it wrong they are using the behavior of a giant and it’s not right for them to do it. The only way that it would be right is if all plugins commanly took you to the release notes upon release of a new version but that would be the worst experience in the world. Scribefire arn’t there yet. I’m sure that they guy’s that make scribefire think it’s the biggest think in the world and put all their life and soul in to making it great (which it is) but they are probably just a bit to close to it to judge it’s importance.

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