Gavin Wye

Independent User Experience consultant

UX Brighton - Mobile usability testing

12 July 2012

Notes from two talks at UX Brighton by <a href=\"\">Raj Arjan</a> from <a href=\"\">City interaction lab</a> at the City University London and <a href=\"\">Walt Buchan</a>, director of user research at <a href=\"\">CX Partners</a>. The event was kindly hosted by <a href=\"\">Fabrica Gallery</a> which worked really well.

Both talks were packed full of kit that you may want to buy to help you test a mobile experience. Here's a list of the kit and a summary of the main points of both of the talks. I've intermingled some of my thoughts and past experiences of testing.



In summary

Mobile user research is a strange beast. You're probably going to have to accept that you're not going to be able to be that scientific with a test of this nature. You may have to accept that you can't adequately get a picture of the users face. I think it's important to remember that testing of this kind is part of the design process. Design is about making mistakes and tests like this are just a good way of finding those mistakes.

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