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This UX magic is remarkable

24 March 2010

I've been using this really sweet app called Alfred for a while. It's in beta and they released a new version the other day.
I'm falling in love with this app for a couple of reasons.

  1. They released a new beta version approximately two weeks after they released the first. With only three people in the team that built the app thats nice and quick and you get points for reacting quickly in my book.
  2. The app is filled with magic. Look at the screen shot below. First of all there is a tab labeled experimental. They are setting my expectations right from the start. and then at the bottom of the window there is a button that says special do not press. Of course I pressed it I had a hunch what was going to happen, I'm not going to tell you. You can probably figure out roughly what happens. And that led me to tell Pete who sits next to me.

And thats why I love it. Because it's remarkable, it's a great app but most of all I love it for being remarkable. They could have done nothing they launched something and it worked. But the very fact that they took the time to do this makes the app remarkable Seth Godin's remarkable as described in his book purple cow the type of thing that makes people want to talk about it.

You can't buy that kind of marketing.

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