Gavin Wye

Independent User Experience consultant

State Of The Browser - London Web Standards

25 February 2011

This looks very good I think I’ll be trying to get a ticket.

What is State of the Browser?

Representatives from Opera, Google, Mozilla and Microsoft will be on hand to walk attendees through each of their web browsers. You'll get the skinny on how they've implemented exciting new technologies and find out where the web is headed at breakneck speed. Through keynotes, Q&As, breakout sessions and socialising, you'll get a better understanding than ever before of the browser in 2011.

Who Is This Event For?

State Of The Browser is being organised by London Web Standards, the group for London's creative web industry. We welcome anyone with an interest in creating content for the next generation of browsers. Whether you're an HTML5 guru, an IA looking to understand what new experiences are being opened up, or you dream in HTTP, this event will give you the inside track on what promises to be one of the most exciting years yet for the browser.

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