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Questions About Moving To Jekyll

19 August 2013

I’ve been thinking for a while that I wanted to move this blog away from Wordpress. I don’t use all of the features that Wordpress has to offer so Jekyll seems a bit more simple, a bit more light weight.

There are three main thoughts driving this:

  1. On the face of it Jekyll also offers me more options to easily customise pages and things quickly on the fly and it fits more with my most recent thoughts about how I want to handle my content.
  2. I really don’t want my content locked away in a database, making it hard to get at in the future, when I change my mind. Where I want it, is in documents that are easy to repurpose for who knows what in the future. I write most things in Markdown so at this point in time Jekyll seems to fit with these current thoughts.
  3. I exchanged Tweets with @markkirby at the weekend, He’s thinking of doing the same and we said we would exchange notes at dConstruct in September, I don’t want to turn up empty handed.

I’ll try to document the process but all I have at the moment are the questions below which I’ll come back and answer as and when.

  1. Should I host the static pages on a server? I’ll host in in AWS anyway but do I need the extra power of the server
  2. Should I try to set an AWS bucket and serve it from there?
  3. If I set up an S3 bucket can I find a good simple way to mount it locally so that the deployment is easy?
  4. Can I script deployment to this S3 bucket so that when I write something and I’m ready to be published it’s quick and easy?
  5. Can I use Hammer For Mac in some way or will I have to use Middleman?

I’ll update this post as I go with more questions and answers as I come to them. But for the time being if you have answers to any of these please use the comments below.

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