Gavin Wye

Independent User Experience consultant

It depends…

07 January 2013

Forgive me for stating the bleeding obvious but this popped in to my head today. I'm not sure it's right, and I'm sure you could associate this to many different things. I don't know where it came from but it's unlikely to be original thought.

There are no right or wrong answers to what we do. It all depends on a number of factors. It’s up to us [as Experience Designers] to help everyone agree on which factors are the most important, so we can make decisions based on those important factors.

However I'm feeling a change in Experience Design this year. I think we will come to maturity as a profession and people will start to see the strategic value of Experience Design.

I've resolved to try and get thoughts out of my head and share them with people so here it is. Discuss…

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