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Independent User Experience consultant

Free for 30 days

14 March 2013

Bold or unconfident?

Apps that give you a 30 day trial period so that you can 'kick the tires' but want you to part with your card details first, look misleading. People know from experience that they will forget to cancel at the end.

It's well documented on Harry calls this the <a href=\\"\\">Forced continuity</a> pattern.

The user signs up for a free trial on a website, and in doing so they are required to enter their credit card details. When the trial comes to an end, they automatically start getting billed for the paid service. The user is not given an adequate reminder, nor are they given an easy and rapid way of cancelling the automatic renewal.

Why are we still seeing this? It only undermine all of the great design work you have done! If you really believe the product is so great the people will buy it. Do people really need 30 days free to try it out?

Check for your self. I bet you get drop out in your free sign up as soon as people see the credit card details.

Please stop undermining the value of your design by using dark patterns to trick people in to signing up.

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