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A Post a Day in May

02 May 2013

I don't write as much as I think I should. This blog, if you can call it that is titled Lying Awake Dreaming, because that's what I do most nights and some mornings. I reflect on the things that have happened and think of ways that it could have been better. More often than not they are silly ideas that don't have much foundation. However sometimes they are things that I'd like to refine. Writing is as good as any way to do this. A special thing happens when you commit your ideas to paper pixels.

I'm planning to write an publish a post every day this month, in an attempt to kick start the process, and develop a writing habit. I've talked about this in the past and always failed. I don't know what I think will be different about this attempt that will help me succeed. But I suppose it's better to try and fail than just to give up. After all communication is such a vital skill. Like anything if you practice at it long enough you will only get better.

This is my second post, yesterday I wrote on Medium a sort of ode to Indie Web. I'm not sure what I'll write about tomorrow I've got a few ideas brewing at the moment, things like responsibility, helpfulness and questioning.

But first a few rules or principles that I'll try to follow. When I talked to my friend Dan about this the other day he looked at me as if I was attempting to climb Everest without any training. But It's all about the rules.

What qualifies for a post and what doesn't? Well I'm making it easy on myself by saying that anything can be a post. However it probably won't be as simple as a link to another site I've got a whole section for that. I'll try and create something. It may be a drawing It may be a photo or I may just riff of something I've read. I'll probably try to post comments via pingbacks and trackbacks to things I read on other peoples blog. I've been waiting for a legitimate reason to get that working properly for a while.

I'm also in the midst of a redesign freshen up and I'll be unveiling the new look soon. Hopefully you'll join me in this little adventure.

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