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Things to do with Jeykll

23 October 2013

Finally I’ve got Jeykll up and running, it’s been a long hard slog. Filled with things that most people would find trivial but for certain programatically challenged individuals it can be a little troublesome getting up and running. I’ve spent hours wondering why Jeykll wouldn’t pass a bunch of posts (in terminal) only to find that I was in the wrong folder. I’ve installed Jekyll twice and trashed the first installation and I’ve titivates about the design. But none of that is getting me anywhere, so. In favour of ‘focussing on shipping’ I’m planning to ship what I have and make it better as and when I have the time. Here’s what I plan to improve in the short term.

Vertiala rhytham

I don’t think it’s working as well as it could and i’d like to make use of the SASS plugin to simplify and unify it. That means I will have to figure out how to ‘work’ SASS.

Next and previous navigation

Currently there is only one way to navigate between posts. Go to the archive and find the post you want. That’s not great if you want to browse around. However this site is primariliy for me so I may just leave this.

I’m not sure if I can find a way to search the content yet but I’d like to be able to in the future

I’d like to pull them in from Delisious and auto post them if possibke


Do I host in an S3 bucket or in GitHub?


Do I need commets on here the only person who ever comments is Danny but I do like the fact that he does.

Thats all for now maybe I’ll add to this list in the future.

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